Welcome to the JV page.

You may have heard my name already, but for those who don't know, my name is Vlad M. And I'm here to launch the first Pinterest Automation Software.

This is not our first big launch, but if you didn't hear of me just do a Google search of my automation software and you'll see that I'm not just doing successful launches, I'm used to over delivering for my clients. This way I'm able to keep the refund rates as low as 2%!

Here are some products that I've released to the public, I'm sure you heard about them...

What is Pin Blaster?

As probably, all of you already know the new hot thing is Pinterest.
The latest Pinterest products become instantly top selling products so I decided to release The Holy Grail of Pinterest Marketing... the first professional Pinterest automation software.

During the testing of the software, we got over 20.000 uvs to our websites! These results prove that Pin Blaster will be a game changer!

We've worked closely with some of the top Pinterest marketers and we were able to add all the features that needed to be automated but still kept the software as white hat as possible.

From the start we will give you a 60% commision for each sale.

The price for WSO will be $47 for the first 20 copies and after that we will rise it to $67.

The price on the sales page will be 97$.
You can decide what price you think will be more profitable for you and your list.

As affiliate tracking system we will use Warrior Plus and Regnow for the existing affiliates. (regnow will be used for the sales page)

1st Prize

(over 100 sales)
Burberry Trench Chronograph Men's Wristwatch - value: $670

2nd Prize

(over 70 sales)
$200 Cash

3rd Prize

(over 50 sales)
$100 Cash

We will use some of the email/banners templates that proved their efficacity in our past launches. You will have everything ‘Done For You’.

As probably all of As all of you already noticed the latest Pinterest Methods/ebooks/wp plugins were top selling products, a lot of them are WSO's of the day. So we already have the "market" built, all those pinterest marketers will need an automation software for their daily tasks.

The last email that we've sent to our list got an crazy 19$ epc!

As you probably saw we didn't put the prizes as a contest , 100 people can win the first place. But to make this JV Launch a bit more interesting I talked to my partner and decided to throw in here a crazy prize. The top selling affiliate* will win an "all expense paid" trip to Romania.
Why Romania?
Because we are from Romania and we want to show you personally all the beauties of Romania (see reason #6).
* - you need to make at least 500 sales

Note: David is "FrozenGod" from WarriorForum, if you see him tell him to call Ana and stop being such a heart breaker!

Main Features Of Pin Blaster:

Automatic Follow PeopleAutomatic Follow People

This feature will enable you to follow people from a specified category. We've implemented our own twist over the auto follow module; this way you will get 200% more people to follow you back. After you follow a person Pin Blaster will automatically like and repin one of his posts, this way we will have a more human like approach and it will boost the follow back rate.

Unfollow Fake FriendsUnfollow Fake Friends

Fake friends are the users that you follow and they don't follow you back. Pin Blaster will automatically find the people who don't follow you and will unfollow them.

Automatic Like PinsAutomatic Like Pins

This feature will give you the opportunity to mass like pins from a category or from one user, this way your account will get a more legit look and usually the owner of the pin that you liked will come to check out your profile.

Automatic RePinAutomatic RePin

We've implemented this feature because it's great to populate your account with pins, having more pins on your account will give you a more legit look and it will increase the follow back rate.

Automatic CommentsAutomatic Comments

You will be able to add a list of comments (spin syntax) choose a list of pins and auto comment on all of them.

Wordpress Content PosterWordpress Content Poster

Posting quality content on your blog is time consuming so we automated this task. Now you will have time to find viral content for your website and not worry about creating and uploading images to your blog.

Automatic Pin Blog PostsAutomatic Pin Blog Posts

This feature will pin each blog post that you create with Pin Blaster on one of your Pinterest accounts.

Other twitter marketing software featuresOthers

Pin Blaster includes many other extra but useful features like proxy support, multiple account support,etc.